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Hello Faceworld!

October 27, 2007

Like bees to pollen, the world has embraced Facebook. It offers fun, frolic, and a guilt-free way to keep track of your social calender. It also lets you compete against your friends to become the alpha werewolf or the ultimate Pacman gamer.

Predictably, it also takes great big chunks out of its members’ workday, which their nervous employers would rather avoid. The more savvy of these go beyond idle threats and merely ban the website altogether, thus creating a Facebook-less culture of frustration and resentment. After all, think you and I, are they the boss of me?

Well, luckily they’re not.

Go to FaceBook has cunningly sidestepped these walls of corporate fire, and allows you to enter Facebook as easily as Very Easy Pie. Now all you have to worry about is toggling your screen between Facebook and MSWord with the ol’ Alt+Esc…

Update: Some people have claimed that is also blocked for them. Well, that might be because the nasty admin blocked ALL sites that have the word “facebook” in them. If that’s the case, try any of the following and you should be back in Facebook action!

Unblock Facebook
Unblock Facebook #2

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